Indian actress- Deepika Padukone


Following the latest hit of Bollywood is one of the interesting things in Mumbai. I watched “Chennai Express” which is latest film by Deepika Padukane and Shahrukh Khan. Well, the story was honestly hard to understand for me, audience often laughed a lot on some scenes though, I can say the humor didn’t match with mine at all or it was necessary to understand Hindi to enjoy the film.

The actress, Deepika Padukone seems new popular actress in India. I suppose the beautiful actress in India has been bit chubby. Divya Balan who has very good at acting is chubby and people say she looks sexy when she dances in the film called “Dirty picture”. Katrina Kaif is the top actress and yet been loved by many people also seems fat sometimes in the film. But Deepika has very skinny proportion and long arms and legs. For us, foreigners, it makes sense she is called beautiful actress or model from the global point of view but it would be kind of surprise if Indian people also can think she looks pretty and beautiful because she must be very different with another actress who could have been popular in India.

People prefer white skin and skinny proportion nowadays. Actually, fair skin has been preferred for a long time here as a symbol of high layer people. I can see many advertisement which is promoting skin care cream can make your skin more fair. I don’t think fair skin suits for Sarri or gold jewelry though, I saw some marriage advertisement mentioned they prefer fair skin bride. I’m not sure about proportion yet. Bride should gain weight after marriage which can be evidence that husband is treating his wife well with enough money. But now, the skinny actress is going to be preferred in India. I can say Indian beauty criteria is also starting to follow global average.

By the way, I am also curious how the beauty criteria of men in India is going to be changed. Salman Khan, Sharukh Khan or Hrithik Roshan, whoever… actors are called top actors in Bollywood have never been seemed attractive for me so far, there are many beautiful actress which I can agree with though…


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