No electricity over 14 hours in Nepal

Be in Nepal after 4 years since I have been there first time. I had seen a photo of Kathmandu and decided to go there at that time. I still remember the first impression when I saw that capital from airplane. Probably, I had never seen the capital which didn’t have high building. After staying a week in Nepal as a tourist, I got throat problem next two weeks because of dust on the street. Frankly, I could not very like Nepal after that.

This time, I was mostly staying Chitwan which was 4 or 5 hours far from Kathmandu by bus. Chitwan is famous as safari place to see animals or natural view of Nepal. I stayed in a house which four younger girls and their mother live in. These four girls were really powerful and I felt I am old now. There were no electricity over 14 hours a day, we had to make fire to cook or make hot water for shower. I was quite lazy to make hot water each time so took shower with very cold water on daytime. It was miracle that I did not get cold. Once I asked them to show me Nepal girls make up, one of them made eye make for me twice. They liked to draw line under eyes strongly. I was feeling strange to see myself in the mirror. Once, the girl invited me to her college and I took English class with student. The teacher was nice and they were taking better English class than Japanese school. 
Actually, I was suffered from language barrier. It was ok to be in Kathmandu but almost nobody could not speak English in country side. But they are quite talkative and if I can say positively, they are just like to talk and friendly, pure. Sometimes, I could not patient to stay among them because I was exactly only one person who could not enjoy the conversation. I have known how terrible language barrier is. If there is only one person who cannot understand the language, I always tried translating for the person. But this time, it was not working for myself and I was irritated.  On the other hand, once we start to drink surrounded the fire on the street, I could enjoy with them even if I didn’t know them or their language. People just seemed happy when I repeated their words or tried to say some words in Nepali. They were just really pure.
Their economic is going to be mess. Their infrastructure like electricity or water supply were not improved at all compared with 4 years ago. But Nepal became a big tourist country and people who had land can be rich so easily. 1 million dollar could be nothing in Nepal now, people said. It is almost impossible to get job in Nepal, then people just try going out from Nepal to middle east or China or another Asian countries. I could find Western Union everywhere even in country side. Person who is earning in abroad send money to family from there. If a family live in a good house, the father may belong to army or working in abroad. Otherwise, there is no way to earn in that country. 
Nepal, that country is totally difficult to understand and adjust to. What their government is doing for people and how their economy will be because of tourism. China also seems they want to get Nepal as tourism country nowadays. I hope their mind will not getting worse like their living condition. 


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