Song for Marion


I have some points which I can dislike Mumbai. First one is there are some people (which is not so many but surely more than Japanese) who hate cats. Second is good movies don’t come to theater. Once I uploaded my black cat’s photo as a profile picture on FB or any SNS, some of them were seriously scared by it and could not understand why I can love black cat especially. (I seriously cannot understand them!) Well, I can talk about it later though, the topic for this time is movie which I was used to watch in Japan.

Here, Mumbai, people often download new movie from somewhere illegally. A Japanese girl had asked someone to download “Song for Marion” and I got it through another friend. That was amazingly nice story I had not seen for a long time. I was enjoying to watch Bollywood movie first one year to understand their culture. I still love some Bollywood songs from new movie yet most of them don’t have story. The last one I saw here “Bombay talkies” had 4 different short stories was good. Yes, I can say “good” but not more than that. People watch Hollywood movie, Batman, Spider Man, Man of steel (super hero stories mostly) and loving these. However, what I want is not typical action but more “story type”. Once I finished to watch “Song for Marion” I remembered what types of movie I liked before. Unfortunately, Mumbai is not best place for me to catch up with good films.

I slightly feel difficulty to keep staying Mumbai to reach good film or music. New york city definitely had sense for art which I could often feel wow when I visited there twice in my life. (And people love cats, probably.) Well, I need to grab life for daily art in New York within next years. I cannot think completely leaving Mumbai thought. All diversity cities could be my home, Tokyo, Mumbai, New York.


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