Third point is Cambodia,Shiem Reap. I took the bus from Saigon for 14 hours,only 2 hours to the border but the trip from Phon Penh was too hard…The bus rang craction so ofen,did not keep left side on the road,just running middle of the street…always the bus was dancing because of bad condition of the road.

I had never needed to exchange money to theirs. Everything can be paid by USD even at the local store on the market.I asked tuk tuk to show me around. The driver said it costs 65 USD for one day sight seeing…god…must not be..then I asked a person who is working in the hotel about the average price. Only 10 USD, he told me. The driver could speak English well and treated me kindly. However, it is another part of something,also true that they must get money from tourists.

Anyway, temple were so beautiful! Cambodia is between Vietnam and Thailand. It was more similar to Thailand. An old lady in the temple made a red ring for me. I saw same one in Nepal before, but the way to pray for god was same with Vietnamese.

Some young monks tried to take my photo when I was taking rest near the temple. They were about 18 years old. I don’t know why…Maybe I looks like Korean actress?? (Actually, I was always asked “Are you from Korea or Chine?” in Cambodia, too…) They had good cameras, not different from just high school students who are curious about everything though they work for their god. Unfortunately, they could not speak English. I wish I could talk with them about their life.

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  1. SKY より:

    hey u r in Cambodia now!??? how long you will b there?
    beautiful photos!!!



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