An old man who knows Japanese

Last day in Buenos Aires, I went for lunch with my new friend from Slovakia. We had one favorite local restaurant in front of our hostel. An old woman from Spain is working alone, her cooking was simple but great. We had lunch everyday for a week. We were talking about one board at cash counter. There was one announcement “Aqui se utiliza sistema de cobro Japones TIKI-TAKA!!”. My friend could understand Spanish but she also could not make sense the meaning of it and why the word was related with Japanese (Japones). She asked the old lady and she told us TIKI-TAKA meant “We have to pay after meal by cash” And the sound “TIKI-TAKA” is like Japanese. We were talking about it at that moment and suddenly one old man came to our table and started to speak in Japanese. I was very surprised, he looked like 80 years old but spoke Japanese well. He told me a Japanese girl’s name and he had been to Japan long time ago. I asked him the name of girl was his girl friend and he looked embarrassed. He sang one Japanese old song and said “WATASHI WA ATANA WO AISHIMASU” I guessed he used this sentence when he was young…
At night, we went to disco from midnight and enjoyed dancing. Suddenly again, a girl talked to me in Japanese. She said she was in Japan for 7 years. We could not speak long time but it was second surprise for me at that day.
Opposite of Japan, there were people who like Japan and had some memories of Japanese.


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