Last day in France, I am thinking…

 Fortunately, I have my relative in France and thanks to them I could take some rest after 6 months traveling. But if I do not have this rest point, I will not be able to keep this travel next 6 months. Kind of exhausted…especially, after leaving Ukraine, my feeling repeated up and down so often. I have almost lost the exciting feeling to go to next destination last few months. The only one thing that can make me excite is interesting people but not different view of each countries. I have visited a lot of famous tourist points but nowadays, these things is not interesting for me. Totally tired of sight seeing. 

 I met one guy from Turkey in Barcelona. He asked me the most interesting country I have ever been. I answered India and Ukraine and he asked me the reason. “It depends on people if you become like the country or not.” I told him some stories I had in these countries. However he looked not to understand me. “Maybe the way to enjoy the travel is different from me. For me, it is interesting to visit some famous places” After that he asked me some famous points in Barcelona. (But he did not know about Gaudi even though he is interested in famous tourist place…I cannot understand him at all…hmm?)

 I met another type of travelers who had already finished sight seeing in new place. Then, the thing they do everyday is staying hostel on day time and start to take action from evening. They go out for party every night with another tourists and come back to hostel early in the morning. This is same with me that they also lost interest to take sight seeing but I cannot enjoy the time like their way.

 One thing I wanna do is to know the country,culture though local people. Sometimes it is quite funny to spend time with tourists but not all times. “Knowing country though people” This is my way to enjoy journey. But it was not started after few months. Even in Hong Kong, my first destination of this travel or before this around the world trip, good memories are always being with nice people I met there. 

 I am still too tired to move to next destination. But I do not want to go back to Japan yet. So what am I going to do? Yes, I want to go back to India at once from London. (But it will not be easy to get visa there…) Not sure after London right now, last day in France.


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