Motor school diaries 2


“Kaori Madam, your document for licence is just confirmed.” At the hottest time on Saturday in my room, I was taking a nap and got a call. Once I heard it, I could not recognize what was it meaning. “Who is this?” The guy over phone said “This is motor driving school.” Next moment, I said “Wow! Finally”. 11 days has passed since I visited school to get some information and apply for bike licence.

Registration book from FRRO
Registration letter for accommodation
Contract letter with company
Mobile bill
These are all I needed to prepare for licence. “Foreigner cannot take licence.” A guy at school said one day. After I visited several times to confirm everything, finally the supervisor agreed to issue learner licence. It was tough process less than to get visa though, I was irritated because of the slow action. 
“Sorry, I want to speak English but my English is not good.” The supervisor tried to explain over phone, I was happy to hear that. “I also try to speak Hindi as much as I can.” He promised to issue licence on Tuesday at office.
At evening, my colleague taught me how to drive on the road which has less traffic. However, the bike was too complicated to control for me. It was so hard even start engine. “I need to get only scooter, auto gear. ” Almost 95 % people said to me “You should get Suzuki Access not go for HONDA Activa.” My next step is going to showroom and buy one Suzuki Access and be ready for practice enough. Tomorrow is the day!

*Next day, it was figured out impossible to buy bike without licence…as another country’s common sense…hmm


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