Lazy days in Buenos Aires

No progress in Buenos Aires, I am enjoying LAZY days here. TANGO was great! Food is great (or terrible sometimes) Wine is great!! People is great! And I enjoyed walking in big city like Tokyo. Yes, I was not in city last 2 months in Tanzania so I feel Buenos Aires is really big city.

lunch at local restaurant in front of my hostel, Yummyyy

Well, I met four girls who are traveling all over the world at hostel. From South Korea, Japan, Slovakia, Germany. Long term travelers are everywhere nowadays. But it’s strange that I always met girls not boys…Girls are more brave than boys??

Market in La Boca

Now, I am satisfied with my trip, not missing my country though, I wanna stay in one place. (india india india!)The Korean girl also had same opinion with mine after 6 months since she left her country. She left to South Africa a few days ago but she was not excited. (I’m sure she will enjoy when she arrive there because Africa is totally different from another continent) She will try to find job at last stop, in India. Another girl from Germany also stops at Buenos Aires and started to work at hostel. She will stay more one month here and go back to Germany. But she has no idea about her next job in Germany, she said. Actually it is not rare traveling all over the world over one year this time. They worked for few years and quited job, go out from their country. “Traveling all over the world ” is not impossible thing for people in developed country now. But after these long journey, what do they find out?
“Stay one place” is one of the thing what they want after their traveling.

Less two months left and I started to think about days in Japan.
I have a lot of things I wanna do and must do for staying one place and make my life more wonderful than traveling all over the world.


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