First impression in Cusco, Peru


20 hours bus trip from Lima, capital city in Peru to Cusco. It was hard…I got headache and felt so bad in the bus, maybe because of altitude sickness. Because we had to pass through 4000 meters mountain. I was so tired when I reached Cusco, it was 2 pm. Just went to hostel and slept 3 hours. I woke up around 6 pm and went out. It was cool or cold here at night and raining sometimes. The night view of town was amazing. many orange light were brighting on the mountain. I was moved when I saw this view.

The atmosphere in Peru is very nice. Especially in Cusco, this place reminds me Darjeeling in India. Sometimes, I found similar view with there. Because of beautiful mountain and old house with many detail design.

I will go to Machu Pichu tomorrow. should take train at 6 am for 4 hours.


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