Family in Mumbai

Indian family has very strong connection which made me surprise many times. Most of young people keep staying with parents till marriage even after they got job. They have asked me several times if I was not missing home or how often I am going back to Japan. Once I talked to them I left home when I was 23 years old and I visited my parents one time since I came to Mumbai, some of them were very shocked.

One day, I met two girls around 22 years old. They continue to study to pass exam and work at office at the same time. One girl said “My world is only between Andheri to Bandra. My home is in Andheri and office in Bandra. My parents have never allowed me to come home late at night even 10 pm. But my friends who come from our of Mumbai know my city better than me because they can hung out till late at night without call from their parents.” The other girl drives car wherever she goes and looks more independent by her parents but she also told me, ‘My mother doesn’t call me 10 times in a day but she calls me if I don’t contact her till around 8 pm. They are seriously afraid to lose me once they saw any news someone was killed or missed on TV or news paper. I convince them not to read any news. ” They added one more thing “But boys can go anywhere or any times.”

It seems middle upper class family on this video. The boy left home when he was 17 years old and didn’t come back home for a long time. His mother prepared his favorite food for him. Actually, many my colleagues bring their lunch which is made by their mother. I cannot imagine Japanese boy who is around 25 years old brings lunch box by mother to office. But in India, it could be majority. Boys love their mother and seems they never have rebellious period. My another friend who is 30 years old boy said he could not smoke in front of his father because he must respect his father. I guess father is more stick so mother would be very loved as opposite position against father by son.

They often gather with relatives on weekend. One reason could be occasion for Hindu people. They have many celebration days in a year and also hold many birthday party in a year. I had hardly heard that someone attended their aunt’s birthday in Japan. In addition, Indian people call their own cousin sister or brother. Actually I could see same case in Vietnam as well and got confused how many siblings they could have. For them, cousin is the same position with brother or sister in Japan. You might understand how their relationship among relatives is strong in this case.

This is the icing on the cake though, upper class people are very rich cannot compared to Japanese rich family. Mostly they have their own family business and son will receive the job from father after studying. Their family common sense could be more americanized or same with another developed country. They used to live as small family and allow love marriage. One of my Indian friends gave me one good example how they could spend weekend instead of just staying in Mumbai. Husband gave his wife 10 lakh (around 1,600 USD) only for a weekend to avoid paying tax and the wife and children fly to UK, spend 2 or 3 days in their own another house and come back to Mumbai. See, how crazy the rich people here.

Anyway, the video by British airways is a good one to know one of the real families in Mumbai. You could find something same with your thought about family even it is the case in totally different culture country.


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