It was really amazing that nearly 80 years old couple were using iPhone next to me at hostel. The elder man asked me “Can you get WiFi access right now?” with his iPhone…and his wife were also using iPad…god…I thought these things are only for young generation.

Connection via Internet is one of the most important tools for travelers. I hear or say the word “Facebook“everyday. Facebook is a kind of name card for us. When we say good-bye, we exchange Facebook account instead of email address. We don’t need to exchange any another thing, like photo data or telephone number. The photos we took together are uploaded after few days and tagged each other. Only one thing we need to connect each other is Facebook account.

It is possible to get WiFi access (Wireless Internet access) at Hostels almost all over  the world nowadays. (You can find the evidence how often I update my blog) At least, hostels which register at HostelBooker (Online hostel booking site) But sometimes it is impossible at Hotel. The customers who stay at hostel are young generation and most of people have their own lap top. We can access Internet at common room or sometimes at bed room, too. I often saw people are talking with friends or family who are far away from then via Skype. I also use Skype to chat with some friends who lives in another country. If both of us have Skype account, we can talk without any pay (only the cost to use Internet). Even if one side does not have account, it is much cheaper than international call. So I use Skype when I call to Travel company to change my date of flight. About my trip route, only in India, I could not find WiFi but in big city which is famous about IT company, they can catch access. Even in Tanzania, I could use WiFi at cafe or some restaurant.

I cannot imagine how travelers managed their trip when they did not have Internet. But it is not long time ago.

Now, the elder couple accessed Internet via iPhone and  left hostel to airport. These tools are not only for young generation but also elder generation. Actually, these things became more simple to use than another mobile phone or PC. If elder generation also can catch up with these things like that couple, some interesting thing can happen in this world, some knowledge that young people don’t have will be added online. It must be funny…

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