The Lunchbox

New hit film from Bombay “The Lunchbox” called hit one recently. This is not Bollywood Masala which has dance and songs. The story is based on local usual life in Bombay and Dabbawala who is the person bring lunch box from house to resisted address before lunch time is the key of the story.

Plot Synopsis: 

In The Lunchbox the protagonists are a man who’s been grieving since his wife died and a woman who wants to seek her husbands attention to rekindle their love and hopes to cook her way through her husband’s heart.But the dabba with the awesomely delicious food she had prepared for her husband gets delivered to Mr. Fernandez instead by a rare mistake of the very famous ‘dabbawalas‘ of Mumbai city. Realizing the mistake of the delivery she writes Fernandez a note about it and then in a series of compelling and sincere notes that they exchange through the dabba the movie unfolds a beautiful episode in their life.


This types of film can be called new in film industry in India but you may not think something special. The interesting thing for me was this film shows Bombay very well. Not somewhere which could be called tourist place but usual views local people face everyday.

Nowadays, Bollywood movie became more popular in Japan, probably in another country as well. I wish The Lunchbox will be exported to abroad with subtitle. Japanese would love this since the atmosphere is very similar with Japanese one but you can find many differences background on it.


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