6th trip to Goa


Planning trip to Goa this weekend. Goa is a place to look back myself in India for me. 1st trip to Goa was in May, 2010. I was a traveler and reached Goa without any knowledge. Now, I can say Goa is not a place to go alone but anyway I was alone at that time. I remember 1st night in Benaulim. I felt I was totally alone in India and text to a friend in Japan. However, after one month, I was very happy since I could meet many good people in Benaulim. I met some people who was from Darjeeling and went to meet them in their place. 2nd, 3rd trip to Goa also for meeting with them and I could know shadow of that tourist place. Yet, I was trying to have a restaurant there and searched about budget to get one.

4th trip were with my colleague at office in March, 2011. I was going there to look back my memory and felt I was standing future which I had dreamed in 2010. I made my dream come true which I live in India not as a tourist but with a way to stay as a citizen in Mumbai. I was satisfied with myself and felt sad to remember the good time as a traveler in India will never come back at the same time. I again met some old friends there but I felt more distance between them. Probably, I had view which I hadn’t had in 2010 about India. It means they have their own life and which will never be same with mine. I simply didn’t notice in 2010 and felt it would be easy to have same view with them and stay with them together. Traveler could never look at the background differences behind of people. I was wondering myself how I could have thought to run restaurant with them in 2010. I was a kid dreaming something without specific strategy.
5th trip was for company gathering trip only 2 days. Just staying in Taj and had some sessions. It was not my trip. 
Now, 6th trip to Goa. I will go there to charge energy and think of future plan. I will complete 2 years in next month and days in Mumbai brought a lot of things to me to learn how to live among different culture. 2010 in Goa is very old memory for me now as I look back 10 years ago. I didn’t know anything about India and not matured to deal with people or I can say I didn’t face any serious situation to deal with them. I got to know how tough to adjust here and feeling it won’t be possible to become same with them. I can be a Japanese who is enjoying to live in Mumbai though. There is many things I want to try out in this city. Hopefully I will get experiences as a matured expat in Mumbai in 3rd year.



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