One song and one movie from India


Well, expect next hit Bollywood movie which will be released next month. A song, “Mashallah” from a movie “Ek Tha Tiger” has been already released and it is awesome song. Now, I can suppose which film can be popular before watching it. One of the most important parts of Bollywood is not story but music! Secondly, the actor and actress. Katrina Kalf is exactly great dancer and of course, enough beautiful as top actress in India. It is worth to watch if she appears on dance scene.

Also, I met great film called “Dhobi Ghat (Bombay diaries)” which is made in 2011. This is not typical Bollywood with dance or songs entertainment. The atmosphere is like European film. You can see real Bombay each scenes and back ground music is quite calm. The actor, Amir Khan is also nice as a role of painter. That is really shame this film has not been averrable in Japan. I am sure it will be hit one even in Europe. However, full movie is on Youtube with English sub title. I hope many people will know this great film out of India.


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