Raksha Bandhan

Wonderful July has gone. Probably people are excited to see olympic. However, different things are going on in Mumbai. (People here are less interested in olympic, I haven’t heard any comment about it so far…) Ramazan which is for Muslim are going on from last month. People have to eat before sunrise and keep no food till sunset, pray and pray. It will be continued for a month. There is big market after sunset near CST station. I would like to go but someone told me it is not safe for foreigners going there. Anyway, I hope some native people can go there along with me. 

According to Indian calendar, August is called “Shravan”, festival and holy month for Hindu. Raksha Bandhan will happen on August 2nd. This is Hindu big festival between brother and sister. Sister ties Rakhi her brothers wrist and brother promises her he will take care of her forever. The bonds of family in India is very strong as many people may know. Once I explained to my Indian friend that I left my parents house after graduation and lived in Tokyo by myself, traveled for a year and don’t talk with parents so much after shifting to India, he was surprised and said “Different life”. As per my common sense, people have to be independent after student time and live by themselves. But in Mumbai, people keep living with parents till marriage normally. I asked my Hindi teacher why young people don’t live separately with parents. The main reason is money, he said. Nowadays, parents have to work hard for money. The number of children in a family is not huge like country side. Education fee is going to high and high. This situation is similar with even my country. Both father and mother can work for live and children education in Mumbai.

Anyway, how sweet to have such a joyful festival many times a year. Regarding to my religion, Buddhism, there may not be many festival in a year or almost nothing? Once native people are excited and talk how they celebrate the festival, I can feel outsider here. I saw some colleagues talked about Raksha Bandhan and showed me Rakhi they bought for their brother, they looked so happy. Unfortunately, I don’t have any brother to tie Rakhi but just wanna pray for all people around me.

Rakhi, tie it on wrist of brother

May all be happy
May all free from ills
May all behold only the good
May none be in distress



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