Mud trip to Lonavala

Trip with friends after long time, it was short trip though, wonderful two days. Lonavala is 3, 4 hours far from Bombay, middle place between Bombay and Pune. Hence it was cooler than Bombay. I could feel cold once started raining. The way to enjoy rainy season is different with Japanese, getting wet is kind of special event for them. We took 60 years old American army jeep going to there, excited to climb up hill by it. The view of valley was so green like carpet. Fresh green color field was exactly only during monsoon. We were getting wet, getting mud just like children.
We stopped at small village on the mountain and had lunch made by local family. Their kitchen was made by natural, no gas no electronic. It was super yummy curry!!! Really amazing!!! In India, you can  always have risk to get stomach problem though, the best food is always home made. While I was tasting great lunch, I was wondering how the village people can keep such a simple life even the place is only 4 hours far away by car from big city, Bombay. My friend told me they are not educated and don’t think of going out from their village. Well, I don’t know if it is 100 % true or not, but it is worth to be kept such a different life separated from busy city life. They earn money related with tourism since most of business in Lonavala is tourism. British found Lonavala and it became famous little by little as tourist place last 10 years. We ate a lot of rice, chapati, curry and left 100 Rs each for the family.
What I love India is different life is mixed in dairy life. Different people can always face each other. My  Indian friend said it is really irritating having different culture, behave, religion and so on and he feels comfortable to be in Japan, not like Tokyo but country side. I live in here only 9 months so far and there can be many many things which I didn’t know how terrible or how irritating. Yes, Living and traveling is different thing. But still I love to be here in India and can be excited to see different things  in each State, city or even in small village just 4 hours far from Bombay. I probably cannot have such a mosaic life in Japan. Of course I like my county and become like more than before though. The positive view is increasing about both of countries last 9 months. Someday, somehow, I want to have the way to keep these two countries in my life.


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