Between spring and summer in Mumbai


Holi festival has gone. People were crossing the streets with a lot of color when I saw outside from the window of my office. I was at office, had to work and missed big event in India. I was dreaming to join the people who were playing by color powder for a long time. I made original Holi powder with color ink and flour when I was student, called some friends and played in the University campus as if we were celebrating real Holi. From 7 a.m., when I walked to office, a man had already stood on the street to sale Holi powder with serious face like a soldier , “Today, I must fight.”.How could I miss such a funny event? Really shit…

Holi means end of winter. The sun has been already raised when I go out from my flat in the morning. It was still bit dark when I came here in October even at the same time. Hottest season will come soon here. Between spring and summer, almost 6 months since I started new life in Mumbai. I am feeling second phase is coming. I exactly don’t know what is the line of the phase though, something new will be started soon and must start by myself. My work became routine after I got used to manage normal works, I must make change to get rid of my bored feeling. The types of people around me also is changing. A lot of new people comes to my life. I started to know about Mumbai by chatting with another foreigners who live in another states of India. Especially, I am feeling comfortable to be here now.

“Mumbai is rival of New York and Tokyo.” I saw one big advertisement board on the highway one day. New York and Tokyo is getting weak nowadays. Mumbai will be able to win against these big cities soon. Then, I will be proud I am citizen of most popular city all over the world. “This is the place all people are dreaming to live in!”.


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