Right path

One of my friends passed away. He was 23 years old. I met him in small village in Nepal in January when I visited there for holiday. I cannot write about him a lot because I spent time with him very short, just had heard about him from his brother sometimes before I met him directly and we did not talk well because of language barrier. My impression about him was pure young boy and seemed trying to find right way for his life.

After I came back to India from Nepal, he gave me one serious question about himself. He was ex army and fired because of some trouble which he was not so related with. He lost job and came back to his home last year. He totally lost his way, went out somewhere every night. I asked him what he wanted in his life. He needed money to protect his family, his old mother. However, there was no way to earn in his village even in Kathmandu and army was actually good way for his family. “I’m just ex-army and not educated. My English skill is also not good to work in foreign country.” In fact, a lot of Nepalis go out from their own country to earn money for family. “I need person who shows me right path, how to follow the right direction.” I could not answer easily because I have never faces such a critical situation and should not teach him as if I could understand everything what he said. I was feeling it was irresponsibility to give him answer only from my point of view unless I could stand same situation with him. The thing I could feel from his words and impression by meeting him, saw how he treated his old mother, was that he is honest and pure but did not find the way to get what he wants. Surely, I also could not find it if I had same situation with him, it was critical, how to treat his old mother in small village and earn far from his place.
“My brother is going to die. He got bike accident.” Once I got call and he was treated in ICU, I really did not want to hear any more. If he even loses his own life only after 23 years, what is his happiness of life? It is too short, he did not get what he really wanted in his life. How could it be worse than it? I was almost scared to hear any update about him since I had already heard that his condition was really bad after accident. After few days from the day, he passed away. I don’t want to imagine how he was suffering after he was brought to hospital. It could be much better if he could pass away at the moment he got accident. 
Death, especially the one of young person, it is one of worst things in this world. Even if the person is not so close, it can be cruel enough to hear. This kind of death seems caution for people around the person from god. We can be cut everything suddenly, it doesn’t matter how happy or unhappy the present is. Hence, we must live our life as long as we can everyday. I finally could do nothing for him and it must be self satisfaction though, I will try to keep my own right path instead of his life and will not forget about him forever. 



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