New Hindi Movie “LONDON PARIS NEW YORK” launched on Match 2nd in Mumbai. All scene were shot in London, Paris, New York, this is love story about an Indian couple. Unfortunately, I cannot say I could understand 100 % about story because the main language is in Hindi. However, it was enough to know the point of view about these big developed cities by Indian people. Discussion about sex is more open than India, girls can wear short skirt usually, once you go to bar, these girls talk to you, people in Paris kiss each other as regards…so on. It was funny that the Indian girl cut her hear shortly and the boy was shocked to see the photo of her. Long hair is symbol of beautiful girl for them. (It cannot be said only about India though)

Recently, I can find some Bollywood movie shot in Europe or US means people are interested in life there or these movie can be huge opportunity to imagine life there for them. I met many Indian each countries and once I came  here, I often hear someone go to Europe or US for study or business. It seems normal thing for them. In Japan, some people are dreaming to live in these cities, in fact, there were so many Japanese in Paris. But the case that Japanese shift their life to these country is less than Indian, at least around me.  Hence, even in Japan or here, I often get question “Why do you choose India?”. I want to say loudly, WHY NOT? Simply, India is more interesting place than London, Paris, New York for me. More diversity in India.

I wish I could see Hindi movie shot in Japan. “Love in Tokyo” in 1966 was old popular Hindi movie but it was really old. Everything has been changed after 50 years in Japan. So what kind of impression Indian people will have, I really want to know. Movie is good tool to exchange differences across the world now.


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