Think of life


“Even when I was traveling, I could not stop thinking of my life”. One day, my old friend said to me. Most of my friends are going to 30 years old soon. 30 years old can be a turning point of life. I remember someone told me when we become 30 yeas old, we will see what we have done during 20’s age. Person who made an effort these 10 years can get any result when he/she become 30 years old.

My 20’s were full of experiences which I wanted. My new life was started when I was 21 years old in Ukraine. Those two months completely changed my thought. I noticed the joy in different world which I had not gotten in Japan. I worked at IT Company in Tokyo, on the other hand, I jumped in opposite world sometimes, traveled alone and met many different people. After three years, I could not stop dreaming traveling all over the world and just left Japan without any doubt. The purpose was finding the place where I want to live in. I believed it is right choice for me. I was 26 years old. The world I saw was more wonderful than I expected. I loved to go somewhere which I could not imagine and people gave me a lot of gifts about life. After traveling one year, I had another dream, stay one place and build new life.

I chose India. Most diversity country in this world. When I chose India as my new field, I didn’t have any doubt as much as the moment I decided to quit job and leave Japan for travel. The decision came to me, I didn’t need try to decide. It came to me with fear but no doubt. I just needed to be brave to accept the decision which came to me. I was 27 years old. I learnt important thing last three months which I had never had chance to learn seriously. Full of joy and sadness. My feeling was always up and down. I needed to be strong or tough more 10 times than I was in Japan or traveling several countries. I become 28 years old now, here in India.

Now, I get into a slump. I am not enjoying my work and cannot find the way to enjoy my life fluently in Mumbai. I know I have a lot of opportunity around me and it is possible to make changes depends on my actions. Just no power to do and feeling is so negative about my future. What I have done during my 20’s? What I can make as culmination of what I have been aiming for all these years until 30 years old? However, I do not regret my choices that I have taken last 8 years. If I did not take these, my 28 years old could be more boring one and I could complain to myself why I didn’t take action at that time. I did learn nothing important about life unless I went to Ukraine, quit job and travel one year and come to India. I can still believe I have taken right choices so far. 

More two years until my 30 years old. I really want any culmination.  Otherwise my 20’s can be said nothing for my life. I didn’t want to make these experiences keep just as good memories of my 20’s. But how can I get out from this slump? I can just wish I will be with full of energy next morning. 


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