Music and God

Music and God are closer to people here. When I was in Japan, music was just entertainment. God was just a symbol of each religions. But In the poor country, god is close to people, and people are with full of music. I don’t like to say poor country but it is a truth.

I have been to MANAKAMANA, worship Hindu temple in Nepal, 3 hours far from Kathmandu and on the way to Chitwan. I had to wake up 5:30 am in the early morning. I knew the reason when I reached MANAKAMANA, so many people were on the line to make a wish inside of temple. Some of them were on the line from 4:00 am. They brought goat, chicken or another things for god from their home. “If you wish something here, it will come true.” People looked absolutely believing like this. I’m not so religious and Hindu. Foreigners were not allowed to come inside I heard after everything had done. Now, I am bit afraid if Hindu god got angry because I visited her house… Anyway, in India or Nepal, I can feel god is close to people more than Japan.

Music also becomes to have another meaning for me now. When I was feeling so sad, I repeated to listen to “Kun Faaya Kun” again and again. Suddenly, I could not stop crying. Never happened like this in Japan and I was surprised by myself. I need to patient any pains alone sometimes because I came here , different country and easier to get hurt than I was at home. Now, music is a way to cure my mind but not only entertainment. After listening to some songs, I can clear up my mind better than before.


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