This world is not all you see now


Two monthes has been passed since I started to work at company.
I feel that two monthes in Ukraine made me changed, especially my mind.

I knew that there are a lot of countries in this world but actually I didn’t feel about it.

There is big differences between “know” and “feel”.
For instance, you open the world map and see the epitome of this world.
Then you can find a country you’ve never visited. Of course you know there are people who live. However you cannot imagine how is their life.

The country you cannot feel is more than that you can for most of people.
That’s why there are so many issues all over the world, I think.

You know there are people who cannot eat, drink clean water, go school, live with family.
If you can feel these fact in your mind, these issues must be fewer than reality.

Ukraine is also not felt by most of Japanese.
Now I can feel how great people live in Ukraine.
Not only know name of this country, place or history.

And I notice that this world is not all that you see now.


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