Mind sift

I’m feeling mind sift happen to me. When I was in Japan, I didn’t think of the entire way to survive in this world till the day I die. I just kept working and wasted salary to buy something or travel for holiday. That’s the thing I usually did. I only thought of next few years when I imagined about my future. That time, I was so curious to see whole world and get the life in India. I have already completed the dream which I had 3 or 4 years ago. I am satisfied with long holiday and could open the door to enter India.

Now, I become serious to think about my entire life here. The limit will come I cannot work at company after few years. It meas I will lose the way to stay here as well. At least, I don’t plan to belong to any company my entire life and also it is almost impossible to follow this way. “I need to find out the way to survive here not as labor.”I can hear the voice usually here which I didn’t hear in Japan. Labor can live only in limited opportunity, work hard and earn money just for living everyday. Free time needs permission by employer. Managed by someone, something is not the way I want.

What to do?

I need to learn a lot of things and should have experiences in this company. There is still something I should learn from them. However, it must be connected with my future plan. I want to make business by myself and I can say I am standing here by myself when I complete it. Investment is not cheap at all here if I want to start something and also need knowledge about this place. What can be good business here?

You can see a lot of types of life in India. Easy to face different life. You can see rich people who ride on Japanese car and also street people at the same time. In Japan, I didn’t see such a clear differences and rare to face worse life. After I came here, these differences make me feel fear and keep thinking of my future. They are saying, “It depends on your effort and luck what kind of life you can get. This is life in India.”

Positively, this is good thing for me. Because I can try not to waste my days everyday. I can keep in mind, if there is no progress and development in my each days, there is no change about my future or just can get worse than now. Mind sift can work as a good thing so far. So that, India gave me a chance to make better life than Japan, I believe.



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