I got a message from my friend in Arusha, Tanzania a few days ago. Actually, it was sad news that one woman whom we met in Massai Village in November died. She was aunt my friend’s friend and we visited their village as one day excursion. Her house was very pretty and there were Christmas decoration at that time. She welcomed us with great milk tea. She was fine and had good smile. However she was not there now.

When I was in Buenos Aires, I took sightseeing with a girl from South Korea. She was also traveling for a long time as well. We visited grave site which was famous place as one of tourist points. She said she liked to visit grave site because it reminded her that our life was limited.

This is very basic thing and everyone know about this truth. However even if we have something what we want, we just leave it away sometimes as if our life will be kept forever. You can do like this if you don’t think about death. As for me, I’ve often thought about this kind of thing so far because of the death of my pets, relatives, friends.The Korean girl and I chose to travel around the world and both of us think about limit sometimes in our life. We just wanted to do what we want before our limit comes.

Death is basically sad thing for everyone. However if we hear about someone’s death from somewhere, we also can think about life. The woman in Arusha gave me two gifts. One is unforgettable memory in Tanzania, such a far country from my place. The other, she reminded me I don’t have to waste time in my life. 


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