Happy mother’s day of Argentina in Barcelona!


October 17th is happy mother’s day in Argentina. My new friend from Argentina who lives in Barcelona invited me to home party today. Her mother prepared a lot of traditional dishes on the table and it was really nice!
And one of the good things is that they always kept to speak in English. If someone spoke in Spanish, someone asked the person to speak in English in the next moment. I was so happy because of this kindness. I have already learned how terrible if I cannot understand what they were talking through experience in Ukraine. And I decided I will never make same thing when I sit same table with someone cannot understand our language. This time, they always took care of me about language. At this time, nobody was native English speaker and everyone tried to explain what they wanted. I spent very very nice time with them tonight.
I also got new two another good friends from Spain today. They also love traveling and we exchanged a lot of great stories of life each other. They made my day perfect!!
Now, I am so happy to see great people here, become to love Barcelona thanks to them and put off staying in this big city.
If I welcome some guests from another city in my country, I want to take care of them like my new friends in Spain. Really thanks for their warm welcoming. Today was perfect!!



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