First week in Spain was started with bad luck


Across the ocean from Morocco, Tanger to Spain, Tarifa, moved to Malaga. This place was also beach side in Spain and I had thought nice days started there.
However at night of first day in Malaga, I caught a cold and could not get up at all for few hours. I asked one stuff in the hostel to change the room from 10 beds room to single room because I wanted to be in quiet place. But she asked me “Do you have any problem with your another guest?” It was strange question…I just wanted to change the room because of sick but she did not understand the reason even if I told her I got sick. And another boy from England, I asked him to bring water to me and he said “Sure, just a moment!” with smile but he started to prepare for party and took 20 min at least. After that, he asked me “Are you still looking for water?” ha? He had never got a sick, I guessed. But one old Spanish guy who worked at the Hostel took care of me though he talked to me only in Spanish. When he saw me next day, he always asked me if I was ok or not. Such a small thing made me feeling better at the terrible situation.
Then, I moved to Barcelona by taking flight from Malaga airport. Sagrada Familia and Guel Park were nice and so beautiful! It was unbelievable that Sagrada Familia has finished to build only 50 % still now. A lot of design from nature was really wonderful and if this church is near my home, I wanna go every day.
Hm, so who can imagine I have my wallet stolen after this wonderful moment? Yes, it happened when I got on the Metro to go back to hostel, never noticed when and who picked it. I only know it was happened during one stop of Metro, only during 5 minutes. I had to spend next 24 hours for going to police or calling to stop credit card and bla bla bla…it was so terrible. God in Spain did not give me good luck here I thought, so exhausted. After this accident, I noticed some people who was walking on the street were already had their pocket of bag open by someone and they did not notice it. Damn…Barcelona is such a terrible place about it.

Finally, God in Spain started to give me good luck. I got new great friends from Argentine and just met good girl from Costa Rica at the hotel! It is really nice because I will go their country few months later.
I wish everything gonna be ok from now on. Great days in Spain are just started!


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