Such a beloved country, Japan?


It is so amazing that I can see a lot of people who like Japan in Barcelona. Not only Spanish but also tourists from another countries.
One of my new friends introduced some her friends tonight. There are many people who know about Japan well and one of them could speak Japanese. And the good thing is that they traveled not only tourist place like Tokyo or Kyoto. They have been to country side, too.
I asked some questions about Japan because I am so curious about the impression of Japan they have. One of guys who studied Japanese for 3 years said most strange thing is “Love hotel” and most interesting thing is “Pachinko”. And some of them said Convenience store is really nice and it is great that they could buy cheap food. Another guy from Philippine likes Manga. I asked him how did he find Manga or Anime in his country and he said they can watch it on TV. Of course, Hayao Miyazaki is famous and it is not only Philippine but also another many countries. One of the big reason that Japanese is popular in Spain is Manga or Animation, they told me.
I also met three people from Uruguay. I just asked them the way to hostel and they asked me my nationality, They said “Really? Japan!? WOW!” when I told them I am from Japan. They has been to Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka (They are also traveling all over the world for 7 months, same with me…) and repeated that “Japanese people are really nice…really really nice. They cannot speak English but if we ask them the way to somewhere when we lost the way, they just bring us there.”
Another guy from Spain asked me “Have you ever had any conflict with foreigners because of your nationality?” I noticed I have never had any problem because of my nationality. Most of time, they said “Japanese quality of product is very nice ” “They are so polite” “Food is perfect” like that. Of course, I also met people cannot recognize the difference between Chinese and Japanese though…but at least, I have never meet people who have bad impression about Japanese in this travel.
Well, Japan is such a beloved country. You will see if you go out from Japan. I hope that we can keep such a great impression from another countries forever.


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