Marrakech, Fes, Tanger, I spent only one week in Morocco. I planned to spend 10days there but I decided moving to Spain after 6 days in Morocco. First impression was quite good. Old town called “Medina” has a lot of complicated narrow roads or street performance at night in Fna square in Marrakesh made me excited. People were basically quite kind and they helped me many times. (But some people always asked me money even when they told me a way to somewhere or watching street performance, taking photos of them, it made me mad sometimes) I did not feeling comfortable in this country. One of the reason is Morocco is Islam country. And it is not easy to trust guys who talked to me on the road. Usually, in their religion, boys cannot hang out with girls like our country. I had never seen couple before marriage was walking on the road together. But they can talk to foreigners because our culture allows us to communicate each other ordinarily. It is same situation when I was in Istanbul or Israel. There was something I should take care in Islam country that is not needed when I was in Europe.
However, it is true that this place is totally different from my country and these differences were very interesting. Surely, Morocco is good place for tourism.
And another thing I noticed in this country, it is really depend on people if you like the place or not. I met one guy who was from Hungary and got married to Moroccan girl. He looked really love Morocco and he said people are friendly and he stayed for 8 months first time when he came here. I am sure the reason he loves Morocco because he could meet great people and one of them became his wife. If you cannot meet good people in foreign country that has totally different culture from yours, it can make you dislike the country. As for me, if I could not get many friends in India, that place might give me a memory as mess place.
And one of interesting thing for me is about their language. Arabic is their mother tongue and second language is French. Most of people cannot speak English well or not at all but they can speak French fluently. I asked one old guy who was born in Morocco and worked England for 17 years about their education. They start to learn French from 7 years old in school but never have opportunity to learn English until 16 years old when they can choose another language to study. So some parents make their children enter American school to focus on studying English. On the other hand, it is not only about Morocco; some children who live in tourist area can speak English very well because they learn it by talking to foreigner usually. Only 14 years old boy can speak English better than me and it is not rare in India, too. But English is still not common language in Morocco. Language indicates that which country occupies the country and the level of it also can tell us how strong they are infected by occupier. I guess government of Morocco is controlled by France very strong. (They also have big super market like France!)
Anyway, Morocco was not place I want to live in but I strongly recommend to go there just enjoying there as a tourist. They will show you a lot of differences.
Link: photos in Morocco via facebook


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