On the way to Ha Noi – Vietnam


I’m waiting the flight to Ha Noi at the domestic airport in HCMC right now. It is April 28th 12:06 p.m. here. About 2 hours later I will arrive at Ha Noi airport, take a bus to the center, see my friend’s brother.  I am writing about one amazing day while I am waiting for flight.

I visited my friend family near HCMC last night. He often brought me somewhere but it was first time facing traffic jam at evening. How can I explain such an amazing experience…? Motos were something like creature and running everywhere even on the road for walkers. Cars could never move because they were surrounded by bikes. And bicycles were also running in this chaos…(Students have no choice until 18 years old when they can get licence)
My friend told me “It must take about two hours!” on the way to there though only one hour when we return to home. I cannot help to stop laughing because of great traffic jam!! He asked me “Don’t you have it in Japan? Only in Vietnam!!” Well,I really want to show him rush hour in Tokyo someday and ask him same question.

Traffic jam in Hanoi

I got the other great experience yesterday. I bought two chickens for their dinner. He suddenly stopped his bike. There were some chickens and ducks. They were still alive. He chose two of them and asked something to the lady. Then she took them to the other side of high way. It was so dangerous to across the road…About 15 minutes later, two chickens came back…as a just meal,without head or wings…
But how nice meal it was!!

Dishes in Vietnamese family



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