Ha Noi vs Saigon


Here is my impression about the differences between Ha Noi(North area) and Saigon(South area). I met a girl who is living in Ha Noi. She is 22 years old. She showed me around in Ha Noi for 2 days and explained a lot of interesting things.

At first, Ha Noi has old beauty. The city consists of 2 part,old and new part. I love the view of old part. She told me government is trying to replace to new things but some people disagree with their strategy. Ha Noi is controlled by China and Saigon is by United States, she said. Ha Noi looks like more conservative about everything. At first, their fashion is different each other. More Ha Noi people wear jeans. I can find a lot of people who wear short pants in Saigon. It may depend on the weather but my friend she was born in Saigon and lives there for 24 years said she doesn’t like Ha Noi fashion because it is not fashionable. There is also differences about character. People in Saigon is more open minded but Ha Noi people has real intention and stated reason(Honne and Tatemae). She gave me one funny example that if Ha Noi girls say to their boyfriend “No” means “Yes”. Hmm, do you hear same thing somewhere…? And the way to use money is also different. Ha Noi people try to save their money but Saigon is not. They use a lot of money. I hear same comment in Ha Noi and Saigon. About food, my friend told me that most of Vietnamese dishes in Saigon are Chinese but Ha Noi’s real Vietnamese. Also interesting…

Anyway, I like Ha Noi much better than Saigon. She said, “You can get job here!. In fact, it is easy to get job in Ha Noi rather than Saigon if you can speak English and graduated from University.” Hmm, so what will be happened in my life one year later? Nobody knows yet.



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