Japanese Students leave to Bangladesh


I belonged to AIESEC when I was University student and I learned a lot of things there. I used AIESEC traineeship program to visit Ukriane in 2006.
It has already 2 years passed since I graduated from University. Today,students belong to AIESEC leave Tokyo to Bangladesh learning about this country and the world.
It is amazing for me because I was not interested in learning about world but traveling when I enterd in University. However Most of members who go to Bangladesh are only 18 or 19 years old. They are serious…

They are writeing report about this tour.(Sorry this page is Japanese only)

特定非営利活動法人アイセック・ジャパン 立教大学委員会が2008年秋に実施する、バングラデシュ・スタディツアーのブログです

Nowadays, you can see Japanese travelers anywhere in this world. You may say money makes it possible. Yes, it is true and you’re right. But some travelers not only enjoying the sight seeing but also tring to learn about culture, history and differences of each and want to use their experience to improve this world better and better. Especially, young people in Japan is changing recently. This generation has seen many changes of this world next to TV or trough internet. That’s why some of them are growing up a mind that is exploring this world.

So…can we make any effect to make people all over the world happier in our future?



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