Healthcare in our future

What is it?
This is “HealthPresence Pod” by Cisco Systems. You see a dotor on the window. Patients can saw a doctor without visiting hospital from everywhere they can use it.
Well, our healthcare system will be changed like this in our future,finally…It is not about in movie, real one.

The challenge is that will it be offered for people who really need it or not. Every time, most of companies only pay attention to the market where they can make money. But most of people who need it don’t have enough money to put in. If this solution is provided for people who don’t have doctor, it must be of help.

Someone said, “More people can be helped by our solution, not doctor.”
Of course, we must collaborate with doctors but I want to believe we can also help doctors and this means helping more patients.

We’ve already found the way to make our life better, we must think how to expand these as usable thing.


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