Travel is study


My first visit to Africa will be finished soon. All the time, I extended staying each countries and I spent 43 days in Tanzania.
It means second longest stay country, longest one is 88 days in India.
What is the point to make me stay long in this country? The answer is “people”. Warm welcome and friendly people.
Maybe Tanzania is best country about warm welcome. And people are very honest.
“Zungu, Karibu Tanzana” (They call foreigner,Zungu, and Karibu means welcome) Even a little child said to me when they saw me.

“You must bring a souvenior to your friend in Japan” I thought he means I should buy something in the shop but it was different.
“You have to learn our language, Swahiri. And bring it to Japan, your friend will be surprised when they know you can speak our language”
Tanzanian people are very agressive to make me learn their language. But it was not bad. I enjoyed to talk with them.

And beautiful Indian ocean…now, my impression of Africa is not Savanna but ocean.
It was really really beautiful view in Zanzibar. Yes, it was heaven. Snowing beach and emelald ocean…

By the way, a boy in Paje asked me one question one day. “You traveled a lot of countries and I think travel is good study.What did you learn?”
Well, this is good question. I was searching the answer and found one. It was really simple answer and it becomes the theme of my first story,
“The world of Pysanka”. The heart of people is all the same even if their look is different of each.
But people I met so far has already noiced about it, I guess…Why didn’t I known such a basic thing when I was in Japan…?

And this world is more beautiful than I imagined. It is really really true!
I saw negative images more than positive things about this world when I was in Japan.
The negative things I knew through media may be also true part of this world and we need to be serious sometimes.
However this world have a lot of wonderful parts. Especially, people. Or am I just lucky becasue I  met wonderful people than bad people?

Travel is study and I could only learn basic thing. Maybe I am not good student of this world trip.
If my new friends whom I met each countries took all over the world trip, they would notice more and more good things about this world.
Because they had already known this basic thing even if they did not take long travel. Their study could be “advanced” not “basic” like me.

This is the thing I am thinking last 2 days in Africa.

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  1. You 've such a wonderful spirit Kaori!


  2. Kaori より:

    Merci 🙂



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