My friend in Ho Chi Mihn City sent e-mail to me when I was in Nepal. He told me that a girl she was working at the Hotel I stayed already back to her city and she will never back to HCMC any more. Her name is Mo and I met her in April and June. She cannot speak English but she told me Vietnamese the last night when I visited HCMC first time. She showed me Japanese-Vietnamese textbook and she read her language and I read Japanese. Of course, I cannot understand her language so I looked for some words meaning “I come back here again” in textbook that was written in Japanese and told her. She could understant what I said by reading Vietnamese translation under Japanese sentense. As I promised her, I saw her again in June. She was working when I reached the Hotel. She remembered me and spoke some Japanese to me,”Genki desuka?”.
I was so happy because she still remembered Japanese I told her at that night. Then, the last night came again. When I saw the street in front of the Hotel, something was dropped behind me. The thing was Oriduru that I gave her. I looked up the top of the hotel and I found that she waved her hand. I took the Oriduru and went to her room. That time, she showed me some photos. There were her family or friends. We promised to meet again.
Three monthes has passed and she is not in HCMC now. I don’t know the reason she back to her city. Was she sad or happy because she can meet her family again? My friend wrote me after sending her to the station to her city,Quang Binh.
I don’t know when I can meet her. I don’t have time to say good-bye this time.
I wish she can enjoy her life and remember days in HCMC…


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