Cafe time in Mumbai


A Russian girl whom I met thorough by common Indian friend 6 months ago took me a small bakery called “Theobroma” which is in Colava, South Mumbai. “I love cheese cake there.” Yes, the cake had a taste by home made. “It was really pity Indian people use cake like a toy to celebrate someones birthday.” It means, we order birthday cake for someone and the birthday person is gotten cake on his/her face. Once the celebration finished, people just grub a piece of cake and finish it in only few seconds. She wondered if Indian people know how to enjoy the tea time with cake. “We have a lot of good bread in Russia. Even the cheapest one has nice taste. I could eat with nothing. But here, the bread is normally terrible. I must go to good restaurant or bakery if I want same quality with my country.” It is interesting to hear the comment which is from their point of view in each country. 

Starbucks coffee is spreading the branch and we have six in Mumbai. I don’t know how their business is going on, I found many people on weekend there at least. Yet, people come with group here, with friends, family. I’m missing reading time alone with good coffee and quiet music since I rarely find people spend time like this. They keep talking, having sweet drink is the thing I often see here. Well, I wish the cafe style will be changed little by little in Mumbai.


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