Swallowed in the sea


This summer has gone when I had finised to watch the game and gone out from the bar with my friends. Cool breeze had come from somewhere in Tokyo and made me notice this summer was just ended.
I could make nothing last two monthes. Just feeling I should do something and walking around but I could find nothing. Or I have saved something in my heart insensibility and it will get meaning someday?
Time does fly fast. I notice it when my friends tell me some changes about themselves by emails or call. Yes, it has already been a few monthes or years since I met them last time. People around me is changing so fast.
An Ukrainian girl, who was our leader of the program I participated in three years ago, is in Chicago now. Another friend, a Viernamese girl also moved to Canada from her small home city. Even my Japanese friend was out from Japan this year.
Time passed so fast. I should also make changes in my life because I am on the stream of this time.



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