Chor bazaar


More and more places which you can enjoy in Mumbai. This time is about chor bazaar in Muslim area near CST station. There are many old antiques which British brought to India. Some old clocks, cameras, post card or furniture, and so on. Local people live in upstairs of shops, looking at street. Poor people are sitting on street, some goats are fighting which bother people or bike on the narrow road. It seems chaos but people are quite kind and guys at the shop smile, allow us to take photos, children plays and gave visitors smile. I cannot understand why some people said to me or even my Indian friend who came to with me today  was said there is not enough safe to walk around.

My friend asked the owner of a shop how exactly they can earn because there seems no people who buy something. The old guy told us it can happen that nobody buy something for 5 days but once people come, they buy a lot of things or some expensive things especially foreigners. That is the business they are running. Or these antiques are used for movie shooting set sometimes.

some weird poster

People are keeping old memories from Britain for a long time inside of their tiny shops. These things are waiting someone come and pick them up to their home. I could feel history with quiet peaceful atmosphere in Chor bazaar. This place became one of my favorite places in Mumbai.


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