Food rocks in Mumbai


To be honest, I had never expected too much about food in Mumbai. Even if Mumbai is business city which has biggest population in India and well organized in some part compared with Delhi, I thought European food could not be better than the one I ate in Japan. This stereo type has been broken after having steak at Indigo restaurant in Phoenix mall, which is most expensive mall in Mumbai. Such a wonderful taste!! In addition, the bread was also wonderful!!

Now, I know the food rocks in Mumbai, not only street food but also Non-Indian dish at good place. You can enjoy home made food for breakfast like Wada Paw or Misal Paw, then can have Indian Chinese food like chicken garlic gravy and flied rice for lunch, take a cup of chai on the street. At last, have big steak for dinner at good restaurant. You can try all different types of food only in a day. Where can I find place which has so many variety of food except Mumbai?

Only one complain, I wish alcohol could be cheaper. Mumbai is one of the cities where alcohol is expensive among some big cities all over the world. Mostly, imported from  abroad except wine and original beer like king fisher. One glass of cocktail can be almost same price with Japanese one. Sake (Japanese rice wine) is definitely more expensive than the price in Japan.

Anyway, having steak will be able to my joy once a week for a while. Also I will start to recommend trying European style dish in Mumbai for foreigners. It will break your stereo type about India.

Food in Mumbai Rocks!!


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