Muslim ramazan bazaar – Mohammed Ali Road


I have done which I wanted to see this ramazan (Ramadan) season for Muslim. The night bazaar on Mohammed Ali road. Muslim people cannot eat by sunset during Ramazan but they will open night bazaar and eat a lot of local food there. They looked happy with family on this Sunday evening. I could feel energy of people a lot.

My Indian friends took me to there and we tried some street food. I ate beef after long time since I can only get chicken at non-veg corner even in a big mall. They grilled and put some spice, it was bit hard but enough to say yummy.

Muslim hamburger?
Sweets, quite yummy no idea about name…
Wow! Colorful!!
…something sweets…

I have noticed that sweets and music from Muslim are awesome! Mainly, Hindu is biggest population in India though, Muslim people also have bright culture as well. August is festival season in India, my friend told me another festival about God Krishna will happen soon. After August, Ganesh festival and Diwali will come. I have to prepare Sari this time for Diwali, yes, I want! (and also have to learn how to wear it…) Really thanks to such a rich cultural country, India. I will never get bored to see their amazing different culture!


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