4 years ago in Vietnam


I found old notebook today, the title was 26 April, 2008, just 4 year ago. There is diary I wrote during travel. In 26 April 2008, I took first trip to abroad by myself, Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. What I wrote in first page is what I felt when I was cheated by taxi driver from airport to city. From 2nd page, there are some people names I met there who has been my current friends. How we met and what we talked about, where we went to. I can remember that days clearly even after 4 years. “This trip is small practice before traveling all over the world.”I wrote on the diary. After 2 years since I had written, it became truth.

That short trip taught me how nice to travel alone. I could meet many people who gave me a lot of memories, also these people taught me some truth of life. There is about one couple from Japan whom I met on the street in Ho Chi Minh City on my diary. They were 30 years old at that time and I remembered what they told me. Once people become 30 years old, a result will be appeared how the person spent last 10 years. If the person tried to spend 20 years old to 30  as much as they could, the life is going to be better after 30 years old, if not, just nothing will be changed or going to be worse. 
Smell of Saigon river, sounds of traffic, humid air at night, the taste of iced Vietnam coffee, now every memories are asking me if I am going to right way. I am hearing sound of traffic in Mumbai. The bit different sound with the one in Ho Chi Minh City will ask me same question in my future. I want to say, “Yes, I am happy to be here and have never regretted my choice so far!”same with this time.



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