Motor school diaries


“Please never say Kal again!!” I shouted at the guy at motor school near my flat under terrible heat weather on Sunday. This month, I have one purpose, getting bike licence. Rikishaw is main transportation here but I was dreaming how nice I can drive by myself anywhere. Last month was quite busy for me but finally I visited motor school last week. This is time.

“You should prepare, passport, company contract document, registration proof, mobile bill and 4 photos.” The guy told me and I visited them next day with these documents. “No, foreigner cannot get licence here, you need Indian nationality.” The other guy suddenly said to me. “Again…this is India…” I thought in my mind. Everything cannot be going on smoothly in this country even if once I get answer “Yes” it can be “No” next day. “Look, another guy told me foreigner also can get licence here.” I said strongly. “No, do you have Indian nationality?” The guy repeated but I never gave up because I knew the answer “No” also can be opposite after sometime in India. After few minutes, the guy called up to somewhere and asked if foreigner can get licence or not. “Madam, I will submit this document to our officer, I will call you tomorrow, ok?” He wrote down his mobile number on name card and gave me.
As I supposed, the  guy didn’t give me a call next day. “What about the answer?” I asked over phone. “Madam, our officer doesn’t come today. I will let you know tomorrow.”Same situation repeated next 2 days and I visited school after work. “How many days are you taking? When your officer will come?” “Tomorrow, madam.” I almost shouted, “Never say just Kal (tomorrow). What time he will come tomorrow!?” However, I could not get answer again next day. In addition, they thought I wanted to get car licence. “No, I need bike licence only. I have already explained many times to your colleague.” Then, the guy asked me another question. “Do you have licence? ” I was totally confused. How can he ask me this question, I was asking him to get licence. “No, I have never drove.” “Do you have bike?” Again, strange question. “No, I don’t have.” Finally, the guy asked me to speak with someone who can understand Hindi to explain detail. I called to my Hindi class teacher and asked help. “You need to prepare bike by yourself. Then, they can teach you how to drive.”My teacher told me what the guy wanted to explain in English.
After asking another few people, I could understand whole process which is totally different with Japanese one. First, I need to get leaner licence (I can buy it), second I need to have training from someone who have licence. (Anyone like friends or family) After 1 month, I can get official licence. (I will take test). This is the process in India.  Now, officer is preparing learner licence, it will take less 10 days, he said. The thing seems simple takes long time here. Let’s see when I can finally complete whole process… 


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