World Cup 2010


“Where will you watch Wolrd Cup?” some people asked me before leaving Japan. At that time, I planned to see it in Turkey.
Because people in Turkey love football and I thought I can enjoy to watch with them.
However I was still in Goa, India in last week of May. A couple from England asked me same question and I answered “Maybe in Turkey.”
Then, the world cup was started when I was in Darjeeling, still in India. Most of Indian are more interested in cricket than football.
The owner of guesthouse told me football is not popular in India because government does not pay for it but for cricket.
Fortunately, people in Darjeeling play football more than another part of India and they enjoyed World Cup.
I could find many supporter flags of country outside of their houses or they set small supporting flag on their cars.

The only one problem is power blackout. In India, light goes out so often. Especially, in Darjeeling, it kept for few hours sometimes.
I had no idea about result of match because of blackout when it happened. I and my friend always complain about this problem with the words,
“This is Darjeeling!”
I watched Japan VS Paraguay in Goa. People often said to me “We support Japan!” when I was walking on the road.
Japan was only one Asian country at that time. Australia, Korea, North Korea had been already out.
After that sad night,Japan lose, everyone said to me, “Sorry about last night!” when they found me…

I really enjoyed World Cup 2010 in India thanks to people in India, Especially,in Darjeeling and Goa.
I wish I can see the match India VS Japan in next World Cup.


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