GLYCODIN, dreaming Goa


After coming back from Nepal, the busiest season has been already started in Japan market. I caught a cold and it has been already 2 weeks kept. Especially, cough, I tried several medicine but all of them did not work well. I don’t know the reason, I could not sleep well last few weeks because of it. My Hindi class teacher gave me an advise, “SUDARSHAN TABLET”and “GKYCODIN” are good for cough. I bought them after class, Rs 65 only. The tablet is quite big to take…1.5 times bigger than Japanese tablet. Anyway, there was no choice, I took it and wet to bet last night. Still not well, but better than before. I have to keep working, I took leave a day because of sick but next day, I had to work 13 hours. I decided never take leave without backup…

Now, I can survive each day by dreaming to visit Goa next month.  My first memorable place in India. I reached there in May 2010 with no information about that place. I was brought to a small village, Benaulim and met a lot of people. Some people treated me like family, some people kept telling me lie and made me upset.  Some tourist from foreign countries were really crazy. Thanks to them, I could see a lot of different life which I had never seen.They built my first impression of India in my mind and it will be kept forever as first impression of India no matter how different life I will see in India in future. This time, I will take my roommate. She doesn’t know India except Mumbai. I hope she will be able to see different India this time. And I’m also curious about myself, what I feel once I reach there, my beloved small village with plenty of memories.


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