Wada Paw

This is Wada paw, Mumbai special bread. My Hindi class teacher told me I must have it if I am here. One day morning, my colleague asked me what I wanted for breakfast. I asked them to order Wada paw. Once I got it, I could not imagine what was inside…such a mysterious food…but basically, Indian food is based on simple stuff. People eat chicken and vegetable, they can put a lot of different spice though. They do not eat some insects or dog meat like Vietnamese. Finally, I had this strange bread. There were potato or another simple vegetable and bit spice. Very tasty!!!!!

Street food is always best. I heard this sentence many times and it is true. Even a cup of tea, it is really tasty if you have it on the street. I still don’t know how they can make such a nice chai. I make chai (sugar and milk) for my colleagues sometimes at office, even Indian colleagues like it but street chai is always best. Stomach problem is common here and you never know the reason. But it is worth to take a bit risk if you can enjoy real local food in India. In addition, Indian medicine is strong. You don’t need be afraid eatig anything here!



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