Let’s dance?


A most popular actor in India, Shark Khan made interview to Lady Gaga on TV last month. I could see advertisement of the special TV program on street at that time. Actually, I’m not so curious both of them but I felt it was funny to compare the way of dance between India and US.

“Chammak challo” from Bollywood movie “Ra one” became a hit song at the end of year 2011. This is very Indian way, I could feel exactly big performance. When I saw PV by Lady Gaga on Youtube which had over 4 hundred million access all over the world, I could find something similar between them which I (Japanese) don’t have.

Pop music from US is very common in India as well. You can hear hit songs once you go to disco. Of course, Lady Gaga is quite famous singer. Many people love to listen to her song and probably also love to dance by her songs.
Japanese way of dance is not similar with Indian or American. I like to see their dance performance on Youtube but I feel this is another culture, not mine. For me, that is just entertainment, enough to watch and have fun which it is not usual in my life.
However, if I’m Indian and common to dance from my childhood to now, I may see them with longing eyes as much as Indian young generation watch them and  want to dance like that way, “super action performance”.



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