First grace of ocean


I wish I could remember the moment I saw ocean first time in my life. On 25th Dec, Christmas day, a girl got first glace in JUHU beach, Mumbai. She is from Nepal. That small country doesn’t have ocean but mountain. I grew up in the city which has ocean so I don’t remember how I felt when I saw ocean in my childhood. The girl was totally excited and run to ocean directly, didn’t care her clothes was getting wet. The Sunset of India is absolutely best all over the world. I was touched the color of sun when I was in Goa last year. The sun changed  everything on the ground to red. People stop to chat and see the changes until the sun has gone. Best few minutes in a day. JUHU beach in Mumbai also had same sun with Goa. The expression of that girls from Nepal show you how the place were beautiful. Living in near ocean and see that treasure sunset everyday has been my dream since I met the sun in India.


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