I didn’t expect the world when I was a girl


When she was just a girl
She expected the world
But it flew away from her reach
And the bullets catch in her teeth

Life goes on
It gets so heavy
The wheel breaks the butterfly
Every tear, a waterfall

When I was just a girl, I did not expect the world. I was not curious about it. I had not known the way to enjoy this world well. But after 20 years old, I started to see different world, had fun by making myself be in different country which I had never imagined. I forgot how I started to dream seeing around the world by my own eyes. It was my treasure time, that 11 months. After one year, I could say the world can be paradise. 

In this song, coldplay is singing opposite thought with mine. A girl was dreaming the world when she was young but it doesn’t seem Paradise after she grew up. Life is heavier than she expected. At last, she is wondering if this is real paradise, it might be Paradise. 

This PV reminds me time in Africa. I still remember clearly the moment I saw Africa first time in my life from air plane. That was really beautiful continent. And it scared me as well. Africa had been most far place for me at that time. But I got very good memories, good friend, very honest and pure, in Tanzania. That time cannot be compared with another memories. Africa was special place which has strongest free energy of life. I may never come to Africa again in rest of my life but the views which I saw will be kept until my last day. Earth showed me her beauty in that place and I felt earth is also living like any creatures. 

This month, a boy whom I met in Zanzibar gave me a good news. He could enter University in Uganda. He loves Zanzibar and the life in Uganda is hard, he said. However, I was really glad to hear he started to learn what he wanted. At that time, he was searching the way to enter University and applied for scholarship in abroad but could not get it. It is second gift that I can hear someone I met through my trip made their dream come true.  

I miss all people I spent time with even for a few days last one year. I’m sure they will find their own paradise wherever they are. Such a nice people I could meet. Anyhow, I will make this place my paradise. 



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