Bollywood movie, Rockstar


Second Bolllywood movie after “Love break up Zindagi”, “Rockstar” with my Indian friend. She translated Hindi to English sometimes, it helped me a lot.

Anyway, the thought both of us had after watching it is that why second half became worse about structure of story. First half was quite nice. Beautiful view in North India and combination with the scene in Prague was also gave us new impression of Hindi Movie. Second half became strange. This girl became married but they started to love each other. Love and marriage seemed separated in this story. “How can they spend time like this even after she is married?”There is no way they can be together, suddenly she got cancer and became pregnant. The boy was going to mad even he became famous as a musician which he was dreaming. This story end with her death suddenly. I had been afraid of this kind of ending. It could be easily expected. I heard someone said “Oh, shit” when this story end with her death. I guess this love story can be strange even for native people.

So why this movie could be hit one? My friend told me because of this actor and actress, and also good music. Yes, music was really nice. The mix with classic and pop or India and Czech republic made good entertainment in this film. But story cannot be first priority about movie in this country? I would like to find any theme in story. Even in the hard situation for main characters, if they can overcome it, there can be hope or any theme witch author wanted to insist to audience . However in this story, situation which they could not overcome made just a bad ending. I expect next hit Bollywood movie.


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