Gadbad mat karo.


“Gadbad matkaro” this is a sentence which I learnt in first Hindi class, means “Don’t do mess”. I can often use this word in India.

My daily schedule are almost fixed. Woke up 6:30 and work from 7:30 to 18:30. First one month, I cannot afford to make some changes on this routine days. I always had some schedule on weekend and only one day which I have nothing to do so far since I came here. But I strongly needed something extra except my working time on weekdays. Then, I decided to start Hindi class I wanted for a long time.

I’m not good to learn language. I don’t want to say but one of the reason is because I’m Japanese. There is no opportunity to speak foreign language, we can live only by using mother tongue. Hence, I don’t know how to learn another language. There is no good program in my brain about learning language. Here India, people can speak normally 3 or 4 languages. Language may not mean foreign language. It means the one in different states in India. They speak their own states language, Hindi, English at least. Their program to learn language is quite good, I guess.

“Why do you need Hindi? Everyone can speak English.” some people said to me, on the other hand, people asked me “Can you speak Hindi?” The opinion about learning Hindi were different though, I want it. Because for entertainment, for fun. I like Bollywood movie, Bollywood song, TV program here. I’m surrounded by a lot of fun in this country but I can know a few part of it now because I cannot understand Hindi. What a shame, isn’t it??

I want to be like native speaker and enjoy to say many kidding words with real Indian people. Let’s see how short I can achieve my purpose.


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