Slum in Mumbai

I visited one of big slums in Mumbai last Sunday with my friend and I noticed I cannot say that is slum for me. People have gas or electric, TV or nice kitchen. The narrow streets were dirty but inside of the house, I could find similar things with middle layer people in India. I never felt danger when I was walking inside of their community. People smiled when I tried to take photos. That was not poor life, just different life.

I often found “Party goat” on their street…why…? A boy tried to make this goat see my side for me when I tried to take photo of it.

People were working hard. It was organized slum and they have job, buyer comes to get products which they made and it can be exported even for abroad. Government provides apartment for them but people just sell their room to get money. My friend said they are never poor if they can keep their original life in their place but everyone need money nowadays and moved to Mumbai to earn money from north.

“People believe working hard is only one way to get better life. From Monday to Friday, they just spend time for work. I know people can spend time for fun after 5:00 pm in Europe even during weekdays. But in India, we just work hard and try to get better life.” It can be said not only people in Slum but also every people in India. I think they work much harder than Japanese.

I’ve never seen the country which have systems for each layer in one country. You can find layer which you should belong to. In Japan, people who don’t have much money cannot survive by themselves. At least, they need any support from government. However in India, you can find the way to survive. And people who have money or not are always facing each other. It never happen in my country or another developed countries. Rich people live inside of gate and never face different life.

India always give me big surprise and curious things. How nice to see such a lot of different life only in one country, and they give me chance to learn something.


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